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Selected Projects

San Pedro Terrace Development Plan
October 2014 to Present

Initially hired by the client to provide a Biological Constraints Analsysis, Toyon Consultants has provided all the biological consulting services required for this project. The project provided specific permitting challanges due to its proximity to San Pedro Creek, known habitat for th California red-legged frog. Work has indluded:

  • Biological Assessment
  • Permit Application and Coordination
  • Restoration Plan

Ocean Shore Apartments
August 2014 to Present

Due to the location within the Coastal Zone, the project required a fairly detailed level of analysis. Work has indluded:

  • Biological Assessment
  • Single Parameter Wetland Delineation
  • Restoration Plan

Esalen Institute Long Term Development Plan
June 2007 to Present

Toyon Consultants is responsible for mitigation monitoring for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Besides monitoring, services have been provided in the following areas:

  • NEPA Compliance
  • CDFG 1600 Permit
  • Biological Assessment for proposed waterline replacement

Hillcrest Road Biological Report
January 2011 to February 2011

Toyon Consultants performed all necessary fieldwork to write a Biological Report for proposed zoning change. Report was submitted to the California Coastal Commission.

Millwood Ranch Compliance
March 2008 to June 2014

Millwood Ranch, based in Pacifica, CA, was cited by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the California Department of Fish and Game for several activities performed on the ranch without the appropriate permits. Toyon Consultants led the permit coordination efforts and developed the following documents for this project:

  • Preliminary Wetland Delineation Report
  • Biological Assessment
  • Restoration Plan
  • Equestrian Facilities Management Plan

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